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Family Reunion:

My family united after three and a half years, picture taken at Hartfield Atlanta International Airport (8/1992)
From left to right: Myself, Dad, Mom, Brother

My family's Union ( My brother and I arrived from the Philippines)
From left to right: Myself, Sister, Friends,…,Brother, Dad, and Mom, taken at Atlanta Airport (8/92)

From left to right: My Sister, Mom, Dad, Mr. Hung, and Mr. Le
Taken at Le's house in N.C in 2/1992 when My dad, mom, and sister first came to the U.S.

My Oldest Sister (Anh Phuong)

From right to left:My sister (Phuong), her daughter ( Phuong Uyen), and her husband (Hien),
Taken at Nha Trang, Vietnam

My sister and Phuong Uyen
Taken at Nha Trang, Vietnam

Anh Phuong, taken at Da lat, Vietnam

My niece, Phuong Uyen

My Next Sister (Ai Lien)

My sister's wedding: Qui and Lien, taken at Greenboro, NC

Another Wedding photo, Front: Qui and Lien, Behind: My Dad

Taken at my sister's wedding, from left to right: Myself, Mom, Dad, Qui (Bride), Lien (Groom),
Dung, Tri, and Nghia (Qui's brother, sister-in-law, and nephew)

Wedding Celebration, I was pouring Champaign (Let drink a toast, everybody!!!)

Friends attending the wedding
From left to right: Trang, Hang, Truc, and Myself

My Younger Brother (Dung)

Dung and Mom, taken at my house


My Dad and Qui (Lienís husband), taken at my house

Dad and I, taken in front the Gwinnett mall
as I first came to the U.S. (8/1992)

Taken in Ottawa, Canada (1995)
when I visited my refugee friends, Tinh and Dao

Uncle (Hoa) and Aunt(Chi)

Cousin (Huy) at his Highschool Graduation

Thank you for your visitation, Come Again!!!