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Hello Friends!!!

My real name is Nguyen Van Tuan Anh, preferring Anh Nguyen. I am Vietnamese. I escaped from my country 9 years ago. It was an horrible experience. Sixty three others and I were tightly packed on a little boat, and we spent 7 days and nights in the ocean. We encountered dreadful weathers and mechanical problems. Fortunately, we landed in the Philippines where I stayed for about three and a half years before coming to the U.S.

I have been in the U.S. since 1992. I just graduated form Georgia Tech as an Mechanical Engineer(BSME) in September 1997. Upon graduation I will either work for United Technology Corporation - Pratt & Whitney, the world's leading designer,developer, and manufacture of gas turbine engines for commercial, military, and general aviation aircraft or work for Sony Magnetic Product of America, the world-wide electronic corporation. I will make decision very soon!!! By the time you read this page, I may already make the decision.
Thank you for visiting my home page,

The boat used to escape, sixty four people were like sardine-packed. This picture taken by Malaysian ship at the International Water.

This Picture taken at Noel 1995 in Atlanta, a happy man like BillCat!!!
It is a cool BillCat

Thank you for vsiting, Come Again!!!

Email me at PRATT & WHITNEY